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Canimals (lit. Can, Animals) also known as Canimals: We Can Do It! is a South Korean/British live-action/CGI animated hybrid television series by Voozclub Co., Ltd. The main characters are Ato, Mimi, Uly, Fizzy, Nia, Oz, Pow, Toki, and Leon. Internationally, the series has aired on UK through Aardman and worldwide through BRB Internacional.

Canimals follows a group of little elflike animals in tin cans that go around rediscovering the world from a different point of view. The Canimals find something new and worthy of attention in the most mundane of things.


  • Ato - A happy-go-lucky beagle in a can. He also puts up the Canimals logo in the episode title cards.
  • Oz - A boisterous and mean Turkish Angora in a can. She often gets herself into more trouble than she can handle.
  • Uly - A dimwitted pug in a can. He happily eats anything in sight.
  • Mimi - A cute, nice, lovable, bossy poodle in a can. She sometimes attacks the others with her ears.
  • Pow - A clever owl in a can. He will not hesitate to use his laser eyes on others.
  • Fizzy - A clumsy Siamese in a can. She aspires to have a ninja lifestyle.
  • Toki- a bouncy his bunny in a can. he always jumps and rocks to music when ever he has the chance.
  • Nia - A timid Turkish Van in a can. She sometimes lets off a sonic scream when frightened.
  • Leon - An odd chameleon in a can (hence his name). He tries to blend in with his.

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  • This is an another Canimals fanon wiki, so some articles do not relate to the series. (I will create an canon Canimals wiki)

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